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4 years ago

Hp laptop disconnecting from Internet

My old Hp laptop which I would use for everything from gaming and streaming to simple emails, Its specs are pretty good and the internet was fine until just recently. When I did anything on it that was more than checking an email the internet would just disconnect from the modem and wouldn't reconnect until I reset my laptop. I thought it was just the laptop getting old so I eventually got a brand new HP Pavilion gaming laptop which is built to take high latency and high connecting activities. Just one day later it had the same problem of the internet just disconnecting only on the laptop, at this point it has to be the modem.

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    You have to more specific about "recently."  What has changed...wirelessly...within your household?  Any new devices?  If you can't recall any changes, perhaps a neighbor is on the same channel as your network.  Meaning, wireless congestion.

    Also, if possible, check your router logs for any clues.