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3 years ago

How to report a "live tech support agent"

There is no way to hold bad cox agent's unprofessionalism accountable to my knowledge. I treat everyone with dignity and respect regardless of whatever issue is going on with my equipment, however, some of these agents don't listen to concerns and in the midst of everything try to up sale you on products while you're expressing to them the issues you are receiving on their end.  This one agent told me he couldn't schedule a technician because one had already been sent out in the past 30 days (which was a blatant lie i hadn't had a tech come out in over a year) and told me that I would have to pay a $100 special request fee for an agent. Now why would I pay 100 extra dollars to get someone to come out when it should be FREE when its an issue on their end ? Also I told him I havent had anyone out and that I would like to see their so called "visit notes" or a record of them coming out to my residence and his response was theres nothing I can do on my end. I asked to escalate it further to a manager, someone in charge, etc and he ended the chat while I was typing. That's just ridiculous and very unprofessional. I have the chat transcript emailed to me and was wondering where/who can I send this to?

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    pay a $100 special request fee for an agent

    This would be a new scam.

    What are you trying to fix?

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    With everything you described, I believe you have every right to be disappointed in us! It upsets me when I hear that my peers did not treat a customer with the courtesy and respect that each of you deserves, and I wholeheartedly apologize. I'd like to like to investigate your issue and contact the reps supervisor. Please email my team at with your full name, full address, rep name, and the date this occurred. Also, include the URL to this thread.

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      My opinion doesn't matter but...well said!