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How to: Manage Forum Notifications

Unread Posts and Replies Notification

The notifications icon in the upper right shows when you have new Posts and Replies you haven't read.  This indicates no unread notifications.     When the icon includes a red circle,  you have the number of unread notifications indicated.  Clicking the icon will display the thread title(s).  You may then click one of the displayed thread titles to read that new Post or Reply. 

After clicking the notification icon, you may also click "View all" to display a list of previous notifications.  The list may be filtered by type of notification:

  • For your review
  • Responses to you
  • Responses to discussions you participated in
  • Subscriptions
  • Status updates

The notifications list may also be filtered by read status:

  • That aren't read
  • That are read

Clicking a notification in the list will open that forum thread for you to read and/or Reply. 

Turn on Forum notifications for all new Posts and Replies

Click the "Turn Forum notifications on" button in the lower right of a forum home page (TV, Internet, Phone or Apps).  You will receive a notification whenever there is a new Post or Reply in that forum.

Turn off Forum notifications for all threads you haven't participated in

If you don't want to receive notifications of every new Post and Reply in a forum, you may click the "Turn Forum notifications off" button on the forum home page or click "Unsubscribe" under the Subscriptions tab in Forum Settings to unsubscribe from that forum.  You will then only receive a notification of a new Reply for those threads in which you've participated (by being original poster or by adding a Reply).

Turn on Reply notifications for selected threads you haven't participated in and you've "unsubscribed" from subscription notification in that forum

You may unsubscribe from a forum subscription, read a thread in that forum and opt to receive a notification of any new Reply in that thread without ever adding a Reply yourself.  Click the "Turn Reply notifications on" button in the lower right of the screen to override the forum notification setting for that thread only.  The "off" notification setting will remain for all other threads in that forum except other threads with Reply notifications turned on this way and threads you've participated in.  Just be aware that this will cause that thread to be included in the list displayed with the "Questions and discussions you've participated in" filter even though all you've done is turn Reply notifications on for that thread.

Turn off Reply notifications for selected threads you've participated in

You could also participate in a thread and click "Turn Reply notifications off" if you don't want to receive notification of any new Reply in that thread.  However, the thread will still be included in the "Questions and discussions you've participated in" filter after you turn off Reply notifications.  

Turn off Reply notifications for selected threads in a forum in which you receive subscription notifications

If you have an "Unsubscribe" option for the selected Forum Group under the Subscriptions tab in Forum Settings, you have a subscription to receive a notification every time a Post or Reply is added in that forum.  If you want to turn off notifications for one or more selected threads in that forum, click the "Mute" button for that thread.  This is the same as the "Turn Reply notifications off" button for threads in a forum in which you don't have a subscription.  (In forums without a notification subscription, you would have previously had to click "Turn Reply notification on" for threads you haven't participated in, as discussed above).  The "Mute" button is in the same location in the lower right of the screen.

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  • Wow've dug deep into this Notification issue.  The subtle to why COX or Forum developers made this area so involved, is Sad and complicated.  And now there is a MUTE, way too much.  Thanks for all you effort in this subject and the previous Insert Image issue.  I've learned a lot more than I need to be a participant poster here. There are still so many other buried issues under this Forum and Settings that we may never understand.