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2 months ago

How many outages must we endure?

Literally every **bleep**ing night I lose a connection. Either communicate outages with your customers or **bleep** the **bleep** off. 

I'm in the media, I’ll be honest, unlike you, work for a local TV station. Fox your **bleep** or I will not be docile anymore. I’m so tired of the weird, bull**bleep**, sporadic outages!

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  • Hi, there. I am sorry if you are being impacted by an outage.  Please email my team at so we can obtain account details and review further.

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      Why is it after I complained about moving emails to Yahoo, I am constantly having internet interruptions? For 3 days now I keep losing my connection. Strange, very strange. 

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        Hi, there. I'm really sorry for the sporadic connection issues you're experiencing after your Yahoo mail issue. Though the two issues are not related, I do want to help you with both. Please email us the physical address and any other pertinent information to with your name and a copy of this forum message. We really want to help you get this fixed.