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9 months ago

How can I whitelist an email address so I can get emails you are blocking

I often am not getting certain non-cox email. Some are VERY important. How can I whitelist certain domains?  For example: DLT.TDI@DLT.RI.GOV is being blocked. These are important emails and I can't change what email address they are sending to.

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    See here for more info. 

    Email is misidentified as spam in an email client Forward email as an attachment to
    Email is rejected Forward email as an attachment to
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      This is for the sender, not the recipient. 

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    Webmail doesn't permit a whitelist of specific email addresses and/or domain names.

    Using an allowlist (AKA whitelist)

    This documentation begins with: "Depending on the configuration, you can create an allowlist."

    An input field to Always trust mails from the following senders is required to create an allowlist.  That field isn't included in available Security settings.  Settings > All Settings > Security

     Webmail isn't configured to permit an allowlist.  Note the warning in the documentation.