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5 years ago

How can I stop COX Popup ads that block what I am trying to see on the internet.

How can I stop COX from SPAMming what I am trying to watch or view on the internet without providing a way to delete the SPAM.  I pay enough to COX and I should not be interrupted.  This is worse than phone SPAM

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  • AMEN!  I went on this morning and every business site I tried to open was hijacked by this horris pop up.  Moreover it wont go away unless I sign up for this unwanted service.  Way to go Cox.  Now I am so mad I am considering cancelling my home service and getting rid of cox altogether. 

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      Hi, suejohn85392. I understand how frustrating spam is. We value our customers and surely don't want to see you go to another provider. For account-specific support, please reach out to us via private message on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You are also welcome to email us at Thank you. 

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      You realize of course that MOST internet pop up ads are not Cox's fault. Especially if they are trying to get you to sign up for a service. Most of the time it's a third party that gets money when you click on the ad. 

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    Modify your browser settings to block pop-ups.  The first "Pop-Up Stopper" was introduced as a plug-in for the Netscape browser in 2000.  Some version of pop-up/ad blocker is a current settings option in widely used Internet browsers.