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How can I ensure that my live stream uploads from our church services to our viewers will not continue to fail due to COX upload speed degradation? How can I ask COX to fix this?

When I stream our live church services through OBS Studio to YouTube with a COX Business 100/20mb/s service, I frequently get slow upload speeds that kill the video and audio. I noticed that the COX technician had to add a splitter to the pole connections to accommodate our connection....I.e. there were no more open ports to connect to. I suspect that this may be part of the problem.

I have asked COX to come out and look at it, but they briefly check it and say "it's ok".

That brief check does not guarantee the upload speed will be good for an entire hour. Currently, the upload speed bounces between 1mb/s and 20mb/s.

Can someone check our node and see whether there is a regional issue?

Do I need to upgrade to a fiber line to ensure that I can upload/stream our services?

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