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4 years ago

Hotspots on my router

I received this communication below. How do i disable / Opt out of this ? I do not want a public hotspot running and advertising from my router. 

We couldn’t wait to share the news that we’ll be bringing even more Cox Hotspots soon. We’re always looking for ways to give you as a Cox customer peace of mind when it comes to accessing wifi hotspots away from home at no additional cost.

Coming soon, we’ll enable your Panoramic Wifi gateway as a Cox Hotspot. Don’t worry, this is completely separate from your home wifi network.

As a reminder, qualified Cox Internet customers can connect to the growing number of Cox Hotspots, soon to reach over 2 million, and without using their cellular data away from your home.

We think you’re going to love the convenience of having a hotspot at your home but understand not everyone may feel the same way. In the coming weeks, you’ll receive additional information on how you can disable the feature if you choose, but don’t worry, it won’t affect your access to Cox Hotspots around the country.

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