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4 years ago

Hotmail filtering on COX

Earlier today a user posted...


I have had a hotmail account since 1995 and recently have not been able to send from my hotmail account to any of my accounts? Anyone else having these problems?

The moderator response did not address filtering... Email Server Settings ( This article simply states how to connect to cox email. It does not in any way shape or form address email filtering.

I must have failed at my attempt at humor stating that the moderator posted solution was a joke answer. I followed up with a more in depth way to troubleshoot email filtering...This resulted in my troubleshooting post getting deleted and the thread getting locked....

Is filtering hotmail a taboo subject?

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    Hotmail or  I thought Microsoft transitioned accounts years ago.

    I had a Hotmail account, but it was just a spam bucket.  I thought MS 'sanitized" it with the transition.

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    i just sent an email from yahoo to cox imap account, suggest you check the email address you're sending too!!

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      I could never have perceived a more precise method to duplicate the OP's error.  Well done!