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2 months ago

Horrible Service

Today, 5/20/2024, two Cox technicians came to my home without notice and shut off my service. My bill is paid and account is current. I spoke with one and he claims a line is "making noise." He asked if I was having issues with my service and I said no. He said the line in the house needs to be checked. I explained I am remodeling and cannot have anyone in the house at the moment. He understood and said I could schedule an appointment when I am ready. He said he would turn my service back on, but apparently did not, as I currently have no internet. Cox, you send techs to customers without notice and then leave them with no service? Very angry and disappointed. 

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  • Hi mpalmer76,


    I know how important it is to stay connected, so I can understand your frustration.  When you have a moment, please reach out to us on Twitter at CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or send us an email to  We would be glad to help. 


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    What he said was there is INGRESS, which means you have a bad wire/open wire, or a piece of malfunctioning equipment. Check all of your connections, make sure there are no loose cables/splitters.