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4 years ago

Horrible Ping Spikes (Tried many solutions)

tl;dr is at the bottom

For awhile now I've been experiencing very small spikes in pretty much all games I play. I'm using a wired
connection to my PC. As for what kind of internet I have, it is Gigablast from Cox. I've attempted to use
their support multiple times, but on there end it seems like there are no issues so I'm kind of at a lost.
I recently got a new router too, going from a Netgear Nighthawk to Cox's Panoramic Gateway.

Valorant, CSGO, and Rocket League are the ones I have the biggest problems with. I've updated
all of my drivers (network, graphics, and chipset), bios, and windows hoping for some sort of fix
but to no avail. Resetting my modem/router does nothing, its on the latest firmware, and I've tried
multiple channels for my Wi-Fi (I know it doesn't really change my wired connection's perfomance
but im desperate)

If you're experienced with Valorant, I use both the text and graphics display for system performance.
I can see very miniscule packet loss spikes that go all the way up to 100%, but it only lasts for fractions of
a second. In CSGO and Rocket League, their network performance displays do not detect any problems. CSGO
claims that my performance is fine, with consistent +300 fps, pretty stable ping, and 0% loss in netgraph_1 , but
while playing I can see pretty big stutters every couple minutes. I use Command Prompt on the side, and consistently
ping (as recommended on the searches I did), I can see spikes that go upwards from 100ms, where as it
usually sits roughly around 20ms. Very occasionally the requests even time out.

Flushing/renewing my DNS and different ethernet cables dont work. Im completely at a loss. My friends said turning setting MoCA on might fix it, but the setting doesnt enable for whatever reason.
TL;DR - I get many small spikes in packet loss and ping on my wired connection. Updating windows, bios,
and all drivers didn't fix it. Got a new router 2 months ago but the problem still persists. Cox reports back
as there are no issues in my network.

If anyone has any idea as to what is happening or a potential fix, I'm all ears.

Here as some of the results from multiple ping tests 

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  • shiroBlank,

    I'm sorry to hear you've been having trouble. I'd recommend running traceroutes to the servers you're using to try to determine where the trouble is occuring. It's best to make sure all other background software is closed when testing. I've seen some software hog the connection, causing skewed test results and even make packet loss appear in the results. You can email the results to along with your name and complete street address as well as a description of the trouble you're having.

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    Copy paste from a different thread:

    I've been battling for months and was finally told that it is a node issue and there's nothing that can be fixed on our end.  It really is unacceptable but my apartment complex is Cox exclusive.  Games are a big part of my life and I'm straight up going to have to move because Cox apparently can't provide a reliable enough service to play on.  Luckily ATT has fiber near me with 1gbps up and down (for less than I currently pay), so I'll make sure that's an option at my next place.  

    And to the Cox Support people on here, I know you're doing your best, but I've had every tech come out and have been escalated to the executive number, and have been told that there is no fix at the moment.

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      We like to take a closer look at the modem's performance levels. When you have a moment please email your full name and address to

      Jonathan J
      Cox Moderator