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4 years ago

Horrible customer service experience

Just got off the phone with a cox representative to talk about how to schedule a transfer of our service. First off, she lied to me. She was clearly sitting outside somewhere because it sounded like she was right next to a road with cars going by and horns honking. I said, “are you outside? Because it’s hard to hear you over the traffic” and she said, “that’s weird, it must be a video in the background.” No, I’m sorry, that was no video, she was sitting outside. I lost all confidence right then. Plus it sounded like she was in a barrel.

Then, she wouldn’t pull up our current account to tell me the package we are currently on so that i could set up the same service at the new house. I had to sign in and look it up for her. What?? I said, well, we are on “ultimate 500” and she said, “I can’t get you that speed at that house, but I can get you 100 up/down, which is the fastest we have, and it’s only $69”. I said, “ummm, it’s obviously not the fastest because we have 500 up/down for $116 and I need that for the remote work I do and for the video gaming and movies we watch and the number of people using internet at the same time”. She said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t get you that there, but I’ll set you up with the 100”. I said, “you know what? I’ll call back”

So, I found online while signed in where you CAN transfer your existing service to a new location and I can do it myself. It also told me that our current package IS available at the new location. She didn’t know what she was talking about.

I guess i'll handle this on my own instead of calling in. 

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