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3 years ago

High latency and low upload speed


For the past several weeks and especially the past few days I have been having high pings and low upload speeds when running speed tests.
I have had multiple technicians to my house, purchased a brand new modem, and have even had the line from my house to the street replaced and still have the same issue.
My PC is connected to a switch via ethernet. That switch is connected to my router via ethernet. That router is connected to my modem via ethernet.
Ping tests from my PC to my router are 1 ms.
Ping tests from my PC to the modem are 1-2 ms.
Ping tests to the first hop after my modem are 400-500 ms.
The IP address of the first hop after my modem is which is a private IP I assume Cox owns.
This occurs even after the line that goes from my house to the tap was replaced.
What more can I do to have Cox fix this? I have already emailed their support address.
I am posting from Las Vegas.
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