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4 years ago

Help to secure wifi without changing password from my son

I have set up profiles and assigned my son's devices.  I have set up the sleep and that works great.  THe problem is, he has figured out how to connect with his laptop by changing the name of his computer and his MAC address.  DO i have to configure every allowed MAC address and change it to Allow instead of Allow all?  2nd, question, is there a way to keep him off if he plugs into the ethernet?  Because he did that in the middle of the night and used his PC as a hotspot.  Please do not respond with telling me to take his devices away.  Obviously, I know this is the best solution.  I am trying to find another solution.

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    When my Mom didn't want me watching TV at night, she pulled the fuse to my room.  This may sound like overkill, but she was on to something:  physical security.  Disconnect the router...remove its power it in a lockable cabinet...lock it in a wireless-friendly security cage...yank its fuse.

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    you can start with finding out total devices you have for your whole household. can set dhcp allocations to that number and set all devices in router as static allocations.

    also you could set your dhcp server to include arp on all connections fso say he added himself to the dhcp list by manual assign it still wouldnt let him on the internet as the router would look for all the connections having the arp designation.

    theres other ways you could do it but it would also depend on your hardware used and your level of understanding on it all. plenty of guides tho. if you have the panaramic wifi router cox provides im not really sure what you can do as i currently use a mikrotik router and ubnt switch.

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    Hi BrookeB,
    Here are our recommendations, there is no way to block him if he is hardwired into the modem. You could probably take the ethernet cords from him so that he does not have the capability to hardwire. At the end of the night, before you go to bed, you can always remove the power cord to the modem and keep it with you while you sleep and replace it in the morning. Yes you do have to configure every allowed MAC address and change the setting to "Allow." If you have downloaded the Panoramic Wifi app you can pause any device on the internet. You can change the Wifi user name and password and do not tell him.
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