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20 days ago

Help me get help from Cox

We have had terrible internet for 7 weeks after a prolonged outage. Paying for 500 Mbps but have inconsistent speeds (15-500), high ping and frequent disconnects. Both wired and wireless devices have problems. Cox has sent 4 different guys over the last 2 weeks, and they all gave different takes on the issues from "bad footprint" to external wiring. They have replaced line to the box and from the box to the faceplate. Using Cox Gateway. The problems persist. 
Do I just keep asking for tech to be sent hoping that someone will finally be skilled enough to fix this? Or is there some other method to get Cox's attention? Also, how do I get a refund for bad service?

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  • Don't worry you are not alone. When helped the only thing I seem to get is everything looks fine. Upgrade to help with speeds but just end up paying more for the same terrible service. Tech visit also see no issues. Told to change modems to what cox offers for better support. If anything speeds have been worse and now I'm paying more for the modem. Currently only getting 1% of the speed I pay for. I Call for assistance and all that is done is modem reset then ends with an offer that "expires" if I don't accept. Offer requires me to pay 30 dollars more a month. I asked for a discount for the service and what I got was the offer. So I doubt you will get what you need. It might get better for a little while but It always comes back

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      I really hate to learn you feel this way. It is never our desire for you to have a negative experience. I am truly sorry for that. Please email my team at so we can assist you. 

      Thank you.

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      I've wondered about upgrading to a faster plan when speeds are less than expected.  It sounds like you upgraded and still aren't getting speeds indicated for the plan you have.  But, did upgrading your plan improve your speed from what it was before the upgrade or did it remain basically the same?  I'm wondering how Cox allocates available bandwidth.  

      A. Does Cox pro-rate available bandwidth based upon a percentage of each person's plan?  Or, B. Does Cox try to give everyone the full speed intended for their respective plan?

      If it's option A, then upgrading to a faster plan should result in some incremental increase in speed, albeit not to what the plan indicates.  If it's option B, an upgrade to a new plan wouldn't improve performance since Cox was already unable to provide the lower plan's expected speed.  An upgraded plan would just produce the same result as before at a higher cost.

  •  Hi. I am sorry you have had so many issues with your service. It is very important to us that you enjoy your service, and I am sorry that has not happened. I appreciate you reaching out and giving us chance to assist. Please email my team at so we can obtain account details and review further.

    Thank you.

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      I have emailed Cox repeatedly over the last week. No replies. Cox is the absolute worst corporation. FCC complaint filed.

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        Hello JYG, sorry to hear about the connection concerns regarding your service.  The purpose of the Cox Internet Forum is to allow customers to discuss technical topics related to residential Cox Cable, Telephone and High-Speed Internet services with other customers. This appears as if you may need for someone to look into your account personally due to the connection issues you have expressed.  We can definitely assist you with this.  Please reach us on Twitter at CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email by at anytime for assistance.  We are always happy to help.