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5 years ago

Have a heart -

in the uncertain times we are in I think especially an ISP should be sensitive to their customers needs.  Why hasn't Cox lowered their prices?  Over 3 million people in this country lost their job last week and are told not to leave their home.  This new world is taking shape but internet service is now many peoples only lifeline and possibly will stay that way from now until forever.  Why are you still gouging people with these insane prices?  I realize you have expenses to but this could very well be many people's make or break moment and you really should think about the desperate needs of many and how much profit you are making off of people that have just lost their job and don't know how they are going to survive.

show some compassion - we all bleed red and no one is getting out of here alive so lets be the best people we can be.

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    I know, right?  I just got my bill and it was $28 more than previous.  I called and was told my promotional period was up, so that’s now my amount due. $88 a month for LIMITED internet!  They have started laying off at my job and I don’t know if/when I’m next.  I called and they were completely robotic and heartless in their response.  You would think they could do something to help.  You can bet they will lose a whole lot of customers when a better tv/internet company comes along...and one will.  

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