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5 years ago


I received email, with my password, telling me that I have been hacked and need to pay them $500 - $600 BITCOINS.  What should I do? My android is continuing to ask me to sign in with cox.

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  • I would change your password immediately if it has somehow been compromised. Also, I would recommend logging into webmail right afterwards and make sure that there is not an automatic forwarding setup for all emails to be sent to a different email address that you are not familiar with.

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    nothing, i got the same message about email/passwords being ransomed for $500....didn't click on anything...not sure what i did with the pic.

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    I doubt your device was hacked but if Android is now involved, you may have clicked on something you shouldn't have.

    You should download a malware detection tool.  Malwarebytes is reputable but I'm not sure if they have an Android version.  I'm sure they do.

    UPDATE:  They do!