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3 years ago

Growing tired of the arbitrary data cap limits

Dear Cox,

I have been a customer for many years and I have never had a late payment. I have watched my bill continuously grow larger over the years but my service has not changed. Recently I have been getting close to some arbitrary monthly data cap (1280Gb), this has never been an issue until recently. In all previous month's I have never exceeded this cap. Since this is data I pay for why does the unused data from previous months not carry over to the next? I pay for it, where does it go, I bought it, should it not be mine? I will not upgrade my service for an extra $50 a month. You should know that for me you are not the only option I have for internet service. I am sure losing my $96.99 a month will not hurt your bottom line but I am putting you on notice that I am getting quite tired of this nonsense and I have no problem taking my business elsewhere.


Concerned Customer