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5 months ago

Going over 1280 Gig/month

Beginning in the December 2023 to January of 2024 timeframe, our internet usage started jumping dramatically.  We've been streaming video for over a year and have not changed our internet usage habits with the exception of VPN.  As of Mid February of 2024, the VPN has been turned off but the usage has not dropped by very much.  We have about 50 to 60 wifi devices but that hasn't changed for over a year.  Nobody is going to convince me that it's anything that I, or anyone in my household has changed regarding internet usage.  This is totally something that COX has changed.  We will have the opportunity to change internet providers within the next few months.  Can't wait to get rid of COX.

From Nov. 11, 2023 to Dec. 10, 2023, we used 340 gig.  That was typical or maybe even a little higher than was customary.

From Dec. 11 thru Jan. 10, it jumped to 883 gig.  

Jan 11 thru Feb 10 was 1568 gig

Feb 11 thru yesterday, Feb 26, we're at 635 gig

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    We would hate to lose you before we’ve had an opportunity to investigate this issue and address your concerns. Please email our team at with your full name, complete address, and this post. You can also reach out to us on Facebook ( and Twitter ( 

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    If you are using a cox pano modem you can look at your data usage and see what device is using all the data. If not using the cox pano modem, then possibly your router can track data usage. Mine can, (RAXE300 netgear), and I have found Cox data usage monitoring to be 100% accurate. 

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    I'm having the same issue on my end, except mine started in October 2023, while I was on vacation. It seemed to have leveled off after my return with intermittent spikes of around 2-3 days. Not enough to put me over the 1,280, but enough to make me concerned. That was until 2/19 when my data spiked again and hasn't stopped since (1.2TB in the last 13 days). I've spent so much time on the phone with Tier 2 customer service and have had multiple back office tickets. I'm hoping someone can figure this out because I know for certain I am not using this data.

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      When they send a ticket up to the data monitoring team, it can take 10 - 14 days for them to research and verify data usage monitor as accurate. Cox has their systems tested by a 3rd party and has been found to be 99.99% accurate, I setup my router to monitor data usage and found it to be a mirror of what Cox says I have used. It's accurate.