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4 years ago

Going on 7 days of Internet Outage

We've been without internet now for 7 days because of an outage and Cox will not provide any indication whatsoever on when service will be restored.  Everyday, same message on the page and text:" Our technicians continue to work to resolve the problem in your neighborhood. Currently there is no estimated time for when service will be restored."  SEVEN DAYS!  We are on a stay at home order from the Governor, so all my work and my children's classes are online.  This is the worst experience ever! I've been working of the hot spot on my cell phone just to be able to work and now we've exhausted our data plan and have to pay and extra $300 this month in extra data charges from our wireless carrier.  I've called support, done the interactive chat, called technical support, billing and anyone else that will answer or respond and nobody can give me an answer on when we will get our Internet service restored.  Beyond frustrating. 

Does anyone here have a management contact at Cox that can escalate this to resolution?  this is completely unacceptable. 

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