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4 years ago

Gigablast?!? Where are you? (10 yrs later)

I've been waiting for Gigablast to get to our city for over 10 years. When Tucson, AZ got it, they told me it won't be long now. Year after year I waited and asked. They eventually gave it to Benson, AZ. Still, not here in Sierra Vista...over 10 years later. WTF? I pay as much for 300 MB downloads for $99.99 and another $50 for unlimited data. Speeds are not even close to 300. But I pay as much if not more than my friend in Benson when he gets Gigablast. You are all right charging us as much or more for slower speeds because you know there is no competition here. 

You do not deserve the business you get from our city!

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  • Unless you are trying to stream 4K video to well over 20+ devices at the same time.. and these devices are connected via ethernet, you'll never need 1 Gbps download bandwidth as a residential customer. The 500 Mbps (and 300 Mbps) is more than adequate for most uses.. even 100 Mbps is adequate for most residential uses. It's the upload bandwidth you should focus on... the 300/30 plan w/ 30 Mbps upload is more desirable than the current plan offerings w/ 10 Mbps upload bandwidth Cox is offering. If you are on the 300/30 plan now, stay on that plan for as long as possible. Buy your own DOCSIS 3.1 modem and keep that plan! 

    Something to keep in mind regarding "slower" speeds. It is unlikely you will ever get 1 Gbps bandwidth using WiFi... even the new WiFi 6..  in a real world setting w/ walls, ceilings, interference, etc... to a single wireless device. Now add more devices to your wireless network.. I think you can see where I'm going with this.

    As for "slower" speeds than what you are paying for, you most likely have legitimate complaints about your service as the Cox network could be highly congested in your area. However, keep in mind that networking "quantity" (i.e. more bandwidth) does not equate to "quality" (i.e. low latency - the speed at which your device receives the answer to its network requests). I'd rather have high "quality" 100 Mbps service than low "quality" 1 Gbps service.

    If I could get the 300/30 plan, I would sit on that forever.