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4 years ago

Gigablast service not performing as promised

I have had gigablast for the past 10 months - never got the bandwidth that was promised - repeated testing, rebooting and tech support from COX did not resolve it - I use the high end panoramic WiFi and current modem from Cox - they asked Me to buy their WiFi pods which I did - did not help at all but probably got worse - we have 2 users who are on PC and 2 watching TV and phones at any time - why can’t cox provide basic support for such usage?  - had tech come in today and they tell me I have all updated stuff - they recommend now buying net gear Orbi units instead of using their own Panoramic WiFi. We are getting taken for a ride as they are packing bandwidth and not taking responsibility at all - what are my options - dropped internet access, Repeated slow performance and streaming failures - I am frustrated in Laguna Niguel CA 

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  • Hi Dkkiwi,

    I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing any issues with the Gigablast service. The forum members will not be able to assist you with this issue. Please feel free to reach out to us through Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or at for assistance. Please include a link to your forum message, along with your complete home address to get started.

    Thank you,

    Mike J.
    Cox Support Forums Moderator