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6 years ago

Gigablast Pensacola

Hello all,

I did see another post for Gigablast in Pensacola, FL but it has been closed.

I also had Ultimate and it was awesome as I was over provisioned getting consistent speeds over the 300/30.

I tested all hours of the day and night just to get a good baseline and it was just great speeds all the time.

I purchased a NETGEAR CM1000 - 32 x 8 DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem.

I then ordered my upgrade and the installer ran a new line from the side of the house to the modem getting my signals +4/-4 with 0's mostly.

The tech did use his handheld device to test my speeds before he left and he got just over 700 but still not the 800 or 900 speeds.

After many weeks going into months now of troubleshooting everything, I still cannot get better than one time around 600/35.  Mostly 200's-350's down for my averages.

I use the cox website and using the New Orleans and Baton Rouge servers as always.  Sometimes I try At&t just to try something different but close to same results.

I have bypassed the router and plugged straight into the modem, used CAT 5 and CAT 6 cables, reset the modem so many times, used laptops and desktops with gigabit adapters and made sure they were on Full duplex.  I do get roughly the same results using my Tenda router or not using my router and the only changes are just the times of the day and server loads on the tests sites.

What are my options here?  At least I feel I got what I was paying for with Ultimate but I feel I am getting much less than I am paying for with Gigablast.

Will I get charged for a tech to come out to look over a few things and say "Well sorry the Gigablast are speeds are UP TO 1000/35" or is there something out of wack here?

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    Forgot to mention that the new line from the side of the house to the modem has a moca filter and a 2 way splitter to separate the contour from the modem.  I replaced the 2 way splitter and tried with and without the moca filter with no changes.