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Does anyone know if it's possible to get the ONT installed in your home? that's the whole reason I upgraded to GB and since have tried calling the "Gigablast" line but their closed when I am able to call, and the times I have called have not got an answer.  I know people that still have the service that started off when it when it Chandler, Scottsdale, other misc. Arizona/Phoenix locations. I know at least 3 people that still have it, and my other friend passed it up since they were going to have to run cable and install a few things to do the install!! *Smack* anyway, I'm interested otherwise I think I'm just going to drop down to a slower speed..  Here's what I get now with GB, a Broadcom Gigabit Card in a MacMini running Ubuntu 18.04 connected directly to my modem (surfboard whatever the newer DOCSIS 3.0) or running to RT-AC5300 ASUS Router speed is the same..

Testing from Cox Communications (x.x.x.x)...
Retrieving server list...
Selecting best server based on ping...
Hosted by Sparklight (Phoenix, AZ) [14.15 km]: 16.785 ms
Testing download speed................................................................................
Download: 392.19 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed................................................................................................
Upload: 38.33 Mbit/s

Really would like an ONT and some real speeds, Ive seen everyone I know with it hit over 900 easy, bothways, I'd be content for awhile with 500+/500+ sick of the upload cap.

whole point of GB was to lose it!


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  • I checked and we do not have fiber to the home in your area currently. You would be limited to DOCSIS 3.1 gigablast speeds, which uses coaxial cable and your upload would be limited to 35 Mbps for now. I did check your modem and I am not seeing any reason why you shouldn't be seeing closer to gigabit download speeds though. You may want to try a different computer hard-wired directly to the modem again to see if there is any difference.

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    I am averaging lower speeds than 392. I spent around 3 hrs with the tech last night trying to find out what the problem is with my connection. I was not able to get anywhere close to 80% of the speed that is avaliable. Tech finally told me that the modem I just picked up from COX store is what is limiting my internet speeds. I was told by the tech to contact the Manufacturer of the modem. When you call the modem Mfg. Their recorded message tells you right away that they cannot help you with your internet connection speeds. hmmmm.

    With all the post and replies I am seeing I think COX is aware that they are not giving most of their customers what they have promised. I never had a problem with Ultimate getting the 300 Mps.

    I guess not enough people have complained about the service.

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      I've been complaining for several months and they are basically blaming my end. Every tech that's been out here has said either there is nothing wrong or the cord outside was put down wrong. They test in their little device that they are getting full speed but on the computer I'm getting 89 to 140 mbps on Gigablast.

      The last tech that came out here gave me the same ** as the others but then went a step further he connected his laptop. And got the same speeds as I with one lucky spike the rest were as low as I got.

      He told me because his device read full speeds hes not making a ticket for anyone to come out because if he did they'd look at him funny. Literally said that. He tested his own laptop n got the same speeds. I have artwork that are slow to load on this speed. 

      He said he'd have to see it but didnt look. The last thing he told me before taking off was I should talk to a computer tech because it's not cox. So I did, a few techs and the techs said "Its the ISP." 

      Granted fiber may be faster but in my area we dont have that I would still like to get the speeds I'm actually paying for.