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4 years ago

Gigablast feels like dialup in Las Vegas

89123 here. I've been getting consistently slow speeds for about two weeks. Around 15 Mbps. Setup is as follows: Modem>Router>Gigabit Ethernet Switch>iMac. I thought to see if I could isolate the issue so I bypassed the Ethernet Switch and connected my Mac directly to the router. 6.8 Mbps. Then I tried it again going directly from the modem to my Mac. 7.73 Mbps. Spoke with a tech yesterday and he told me that he was seeing packet losses. He did a telemetry update on my modem and told me to contact their Complete Care advanced tech support line.

Checked my speeds this morning and was getting around 300 Mbps. Not the advertised speeds but an improvement, nonetheless. As the day progressed, though, the speed took a dive again. 12.32 Mbps. I spoke with an advanced tech and they forwarded me to another tech that also said that I was getting packet losses and they're sending a tech out to check my lines on Thursday. I've already scoured through this forum and have read all the problems with Gigablast in LV so I'm expecting similar results. I'm not happy. Especially when the bill for my Gigablast service is due today.

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