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5 years ago

Gigablast bandwidth went down 40-50% about a week ago!

Cox tech just left with 0 resolution after 2 hours. Tested at street, tested at back of house, tested in house where it connects to modem and all had over 1GB test results -- great!

About a week ago the bandwidth went from around 940mb to now around 400-520mb. He swapped out two modems no improvement. We ran an ethernet cable from the modem to my PC - same results.

I use bridge mode only because I have a 1GB switch and eero system in the house for last two years working great until now!

He said it may be a node issue or utilization somewhere, but all I know is it still **!

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  • Hi Aftigr. We will be glad to investigate this. To get started, please send an email to and include this link along with your complete address and name on the account. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator