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5 years ago

Getting ping latency/jitter/issues packet loss - What does my pingplot mean?

Does anyone know what my pingplot means? Does the 2nd hop from my Cable modem to the street node?

Does that mean there is something wrong on that line?

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    10.xx.xx.xx (2nd up) is the CMTS (cable modem termination system)  your Ping plot means your node is over saturated like 100's of others on here getting their forum posts locked for asking for help.  Your only option is to file a consumer complaint with the FCC, and you might get a discount for a few months.  The only fix is for them to upgrade or split the node. Both of which take time, months usually.... So file your complaint, get a discount for the next few months, and hope Covid-19 goes away, or Cox upgrades their infrastructure.