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Getting packet loss on every hop except the first one when pinging to (Google's DNS)

Can someone please help me with this? My computer is wired directly to the router and I am pretty certain it isn't a problem with my equipment. When will Cox fix this?

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  • @Maissid, Please have your device run three traceroutes. One to google, yahoo, and a server of your choice. Please respond back with the full traces so we can compare results. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      Thanks for the response Allan!

      So these actually look much worse because there is packet loss at the first hop on all three. Not really sure what is going on.



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        I've noticed some home routers will deny multiple ICMP pings running at the same time. I believe this is a resource protection feature. The same thing happens on my unifi USG. As long as when you're running one traceroute it doesn't have loss it's probably fine. Really the most important hop is the last one. Some of the middle hops with drop ICMP because of prioritization. You could even try it without the router connected directly to modem.