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4 years ago

Getting knocked offline when there is no schedule even there.

My computer is getting "paused" and my service is going offline daily at 4:30pm.  When I go online using a different computer I can see that my device is "paused".  What is confusing is that there is NO downtime schedule even set for that device, and I have removed ALL schedules from my kids computers thinking that might be causing it. I have of course verified the IP address of the computer that is having issues by using ipconfig /all in the command prompt. I know for a fact it is my computer because not only the IP, but when I log in and un-pause it I am back online again.  I called into tech support and they put me on hold to look into the issue - then they hung up on me. Not fun,

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    Hi @Steven J,

    That sounds very frustrating. You should change your Cox password just to make sure. Also, delete the profile associated with the device and create a brand new profile for it. Are you seeing any other devices getting paused?

    Ben S.
    Cox Support Forums Moderator