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6 years ago

Get the speed you deserve- modem upgrade on us

COX sent a letter saying this:  "Get the Internet speed you deserve with a modem upgrade on us.... Follow instructions at COX.COM/UPGRADEMYMODEM to get your replacement at no additional cost."  My modem is an older one, not capable of using the whole 150 Mbps I pay for each month.  COX knows that.  But I have learned never to accept anything COX says as truth.  Sure enough, when I visited the URL, COX wants me to pay $179 for a modem, with a $20 credit for installation which costs $20.  See, they've known all along that I purchased the modem myself.  So the letter is just baloney, except without any nutritional or other value than to add to the mass of a landfill.

I called the number on the letter: 844-228-9156, and they didn't see how I could get the modem I own replaced for free.  She said to go into a COX store to see if they would do it.  I'm not going to waste my time.  If COX kept their word, it would be the first time.  I don't see it as an actual possibility.  I wish I could get something other than Century Link's pathetic 1.5 Mbps where I live.  I'd switch in a heartbeat.

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