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4 years ago

Gaming Pc Latency

I just recently moved into a apartment in San Diego. I got Cox internet services (gigablast), which is the most expensive one they have to offer. I play on a gaming pc and have no problems on my equipment side. I play Rocket league, Call of duty, and Rust. From day one i have experienced nothing but latency issues and packet loss. I have called over 10 times with no resolutions from the cox support team. I am so fed up with it that i cant even enjoy coming home from a long day of work to play video games because i know that it wont allow me to play. I pay top dollar for this service and i am getting nothing in return. I would like to get someone out here but its additional money just to get someone to come "LOOK" at your gateway. All they can say is that "it looks good on there side." Id like to know what is going on in San Diego area and why/what i can do to speak my mind?

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    I’m in the same boat like many others here.  High ping throughout the whole day but as soon as it hits 11pm normal ping. 30ms or less. Kinda useless since I don’t game that late. 

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      @Nelsino, I am unable to access your modem from our side. What light(s) do you see on the modem? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.