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2 years ago


A couple of issues...

I have it corrected now, but Cox locked my account because of "Odd behavior", then sent an email to me at an email address within that locked, unusable account telling me the account had been locked. After I got things fixed I was able to see that email notice.  Brilliant. 

On the Cox website, there is no way to send an email and the only links to "Chat with Oliver" never go to any chat.

I pay a small fortune to Cox every month. It would be nice to have some way to communicate with them other than posting to a forum and hoping they read it. If they do read this, they are probably playing video games and laughing at us vermin.

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    Just another reason not to use a ISP email. Did you find out what caused the "odd behavior"? Was it a VPN?

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    I empathize 100%. Same communication issues. I resolved it primarily by using the "text agent" on my phone to cox - that is how I got some response - not necessarily that cox resolved the issues I had each time. It was like finding the "secret door"...and the response from widermouth makes no sense to me...if you do not use a ISP email then what? Carrier pigeon?

    ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. When we're talking email marketing, ISP refers to the major email providers: AOL, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, Comcast, and so on.

    Their customers are commonly your email recipients. It's the job of the ISP to protect their customers receiving unwanted or unsolicited emails.

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      if you do not use a ISP email then what? Carrier pigeon?

      No, a email not provided by a ISP like Gmail or Yahoo or the others you mentioned except Comcast(which is a ISP). If you have a ISP email you are stuck using them unless you want to give up your email. Cox knows this and is one of the reasons they still offer email service.