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4 years ago

Frequent Packet Loss with no support

I've been having issues with Cox ever since moving across town.  My packet loss and the variation of my ping is unreal.  I've had a tech come out to look and we've ruled out the connections within the home are the issue.  I purchased a brand new modem so that Cox would get off my case about it being my modem, and I am still experiencing the same problems.  I have several tracerouts and log files of continuous pings to show the packet loss and latency variations.  I see some as soon as the second and third hop.  This issue is beginning to consume most of my day, and it's really frustrating.  My speculation is that it's a oversaturated node issue, just hoping to get some answers and a resolution. If that doesn't work, I'm off to file an informal complaint, then formal, and so on until it's resolved.

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