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4 years ago

Frequent Internet Drops

I'm in the Gilbert, AZ area and have been experiencing numerous internet drops throughout each day for the past several days which require a reboot of the modem to resolve.  The modem is a Motorola MB8600 and it appears I'm experiencing T3 timeouts.  Modem is about 7 months old.

Obviously the modem has been rebooted and I've checked the connections for tightness.  I've also removed the router from the equation to confirm it's not router related.  The only known splitter is in the Cox box on the side of the house.  Any suggestions?

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    I'm sorry to hear you've been experiencing connection problems. I did take a look from this end and so far I'm not seeing any indications of connection issues to the modem. In the connection history I'm only seeing what appears to be a Google router setup so it may be worth trying a direct connection again to see if that helps. Currently I'm showing that the Ethernet on the modem is inactive which could explain the issues you're seeing. You can try leaving a PC connected for an extended prior of time and see if the issue comes back.

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    From my experience T3's mean ingress in the line, or ingress from the line that goes to the modem.