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4 years ago

Frequent internet disconnects

The problem: several times a day the internet disconnects. Stops working. I check the cable modem and the download and upload lights will flash on and off. The internet globe never comes on. 

Fixes: Called tech support, told told reset modem.  I unplug the modem wait a minute, plug it back in. No internet. Called tech support, told to reset modem and router. I unplug the modem and the router, wait a minute, plug them back in, no internet. Called tech support, told to check for lose wiring. Check and tighten every cable in the house. No internet. Call tech support, told I have a bad cable modem and that will fix it for sure. Buy a new Netgear cable modem. Still disconnects. Call tech support and told it must be the cable modem and to contact Netgear tech support. Contact Netgear tech support, trouble shoot with them, the cable modem is working perfectly, still disconnects. Call Cox technical support told to lease their cable modem for $10 a month to fix problem. Calling Cox tech support made me feel it is my fault and feel worse after each call. Still disconnects. After a minute, or 30, or hour, or several hours, poof, it magically comes back on, and there is much rejoicing. 

Now my kids are relying on a solid, stable internet for their online education. I am paying over $100 a month for internet service. What do I do?

Thanks for any help.


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    @Tweetjj Hi Tom, I checked your modem and I see some of the readings on your modem look a little unhealthy. Are there any splitters or amplifiers that are connected to the coaxial that is screwed into the back of your modem? If so can you bypass the splitter/amplifier and plug it directly into the wall from the modem?

    Ben S.
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