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Frequency Drops from 900hz to 400hz

  1. If I factory reset my modem MB8600 with gigablast I get 900mhz + for downstream after about 30 mins my internet will freeze and the modem drops to 400mhz or so. I also have a ton of corrected and uncorrected packets. 

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    Btw I have only internet one wired in and brand new coax quad shielded cable going from main line to house with a female to female connector 

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    It's Megabits per Second (Mbps) not Hertz.  900 Mbps.

    Who installed the  Is its core solid copper?  I don't know if that makes a difference but worth asking.

    Also...and I don't know...does quad-shield require a specific type of coupler?

  • what has happened to this issue...where your gigablast Speedtests drops from 900 to 400Mbps, with your uploads ARE they still about 5+Mbps?  On a last reply, KevinM2 said that COX could not communicate to your modem...did that ever get resolved.  I'm also curious what happened to the very high Correctable/Uncorrect values you had in your Modem Power readings.  Feed us some updates....