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6 years ago

Fraud overage charge

So looking on the cox app last night to see if my bill was up yet and I get a rude surprise of an extra $30 on my bill for " going over my data limit". This is complete and utter BS. We have never used  more than 800gb of data in one month with netflix, amazon, tv/movies, and some pretty heavy weekend gaming. We averaged 600gb per month then all of a sudden we use almost double. Our interent was down last month,billing cycle April 12-May12, for a total of almost 2 weeks(total of 9 days). These are fraudulent charges and better be removed becofe my due date, May 30. This is inexcusable, and not acceptable. The data meter is flat out wrong. If cell phone companies can offer unlimited data, and if cox used to offer unlimited data, then there is NO REASON to start now. But, oh, ceos and shareholders need their payouts at the exspence of PAYING CUSTOMERS. If these fraudulent charges are not removed I will cancel and go to another company. I will also file a complaint with the comsumer board and the BBB. Based on what I've read so far a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT needs to be filed as well. 

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    There have been a few disputes in the forum with data caps.  A moderator will most likely request an email from you.  I recommend calling Cox.

    In your unique situation, however, I also recommend changing your WiFi password.  You may have an unauthorized user hijacking your network.

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    Our support forums are primarily intended for peer to peer support for technical related issues. If you require assistance with account specific questions such as this feel free to call or email us at as Bruce suggested and we can look at your account with you.