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12 months ago

Forward email vs. link account

The new webmail interface doesn't work for me (it's been rehashed to death here already). There's an option to forward the email to another address as well as link another account. Please explain the difference; there are savvy people here who know the answer. I think linking the account moves all the old email to the other address but I'm not sure.

Thank you!

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    As I understand it, linking accounts is to see multiple Inboxes(usually Cox) on one page. I say usually because I think it works via IMAP so should work for any email account that can be accessed via IMAP. Forwarding email is for you want all future email to go to a different email provider. Neither move your inbox to the different provider's system though. That you have to initialize on the other email provider's end. For example, here are instructions for Gmail. Keep in mind, I don't have Cox email to test so take with a grain of salt. 

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      Thanks!  I knew you would know!!! I'm going to try forwarding as I want my cox email forwarded to a separate gmail account I set up. I don't need my cox email mixed in with my usual gmail account.

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        If you'ld prefer to monitor only one Gmail account, you could forward Webmail to your existing Gmail account and route that email to a "Cox" label you create.