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7 years ago

Forums Update

Hello Everyone,

We've recently completed some cosmetic updates as well as feature enhancements here in our forums. We believe this will make it easier for you to find answers to your questions, and improve the overall experience.

Thanks for being a part of our Community!

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  • it would have been nice if this had been posted a day BEFORE this was done.  i started getting all kinds of strange emails (the "send me responses" is finally working again and i had forgotten about it it's been so long since it worked!  then emails with a 3rd party logo on it.  afraid to click any of the links.  thought i'd been hacked!  1.5 hours on phone with tech support who have heard of forums, but knew nothing about them. much less what they might be doing.

    for a "communications" company, cox really has no clue how to communicate!  even internally.

    (I'll bet there could be an ap for that! 🙂)

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      I got one of those OLD email responses and wondered what was going on. Email passed through 3 mail servers to get to me. What the ***** is Telligent?

      New forum is a negative pressure vortex.

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    My Cox was jacked up $20 per month with no explanation.  One year ago it was $117 now it is $152 mo.  Anyone else been jacked up.  Maybe time to LEAVE COX.  I am already looking for an alternative for phone and internet.  Tired of being ripped off.  Anyone else tired?

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      Hi Rolls7s, it sounds like you may have had a campaign expire. I'm happy to review your account to verify what happened. Please email our team at Be sure to include your full name, address, and a link to this thread. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator