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12 months ago

Forum feature request: Moderator button.

There have been a increase in posts that need to be escalated to a moderator and I have noticed the Cox email( gets backed up sometimes. Also, mentioning a moderator is hit or miss d...
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    12 months ago'd be begged to be pressed and abused, especially with angry rants.  I was looking for a Help Desk or Moderator username, but I am unsure if it's a subscriber or a organizational account.

    The gist of the Guidelines is for customers, non-customers and general public to enjoy but if you need direct support, go to the Cox Support Page.

    Besides, I've noticed moderators like to avoid the Forum during phases with volumes of complaints, such as the recent transition to the new webmail.  They do look but won't contribute.  Sometimes, however, if "billing" or "statement" is in a post, they'll swarm to lock it.

    coxmoderator02...who are you?