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4 years ago

Fortnite times out and lags

I upgrade my Cox Internet package, reset everything, got a new router gateway. Even fully formatted the Xbox and reinstalled everything and I still get massive lag and time outs when playing Fortnite.

Cox is the only Internet option where I live other than my phone actually which works a little better event though I only get one bar here.

Why is Cox having such major issues with Fortnite and is there anything we can do?

CenturyLink is available here, but with a max of 1.5 MBPS. I don't think that enough to watch high def videos through.

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    This is probably not an issue related directly to any particular game. Post your full modem signals and full modem logs to receive advice.

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      My other games seem to be fine. It's only FortNite that has issues and they are really bad. 10-50% packet loss every minute or so. When I switch to  my phone's Internet there is no packet loss but it's slower loading.

      I think this is a specific issue with COX and FortNite.