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4 years ago

for the 4th time

It's all started on 10/19/2020.  I joined Cox on 8/27/2020, had ups and downs for the speed and on 10/17/2020, it went really bad like 1.52~2.98 Mbps and I was noticing the modem makes humming noises.  Many people works at home now and I'm one of them so I need the good speed that I contracted for so I called Cox customer service on that day and I was recommended to have a tech come out and inspect the cable.  Customer service made an appointment for Tuesday 10/19/2020 but that didn't happen=no one showed up, I called again and they made another appointment for Saturday 10/24/2020, nobody showed up and I was told the appointment is now moved to Sunday 10/25/2020, again nobody called, text, no-show.  Called again and made another appointment for today 10/28/2020 3-5PM, it is 3:35PM and no one has texted or called so far.

If I don't see anyone today, do you think I should move on from Cox?  Yes, I should.

I only wanted to receive the speed I contracted and paying for but I guess it doesn't matter to the Cox workers once we become their customer.  They will just keep making appointment after another and we eventually get tired of it.

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  • I see that the technician was able to reach you and correct some issues with your line. Let us know if you need further assistance.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator