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First Wi-Fi 7 device supported by Cox.

Was checking the modem page and noticed two things. First the Ubiquiti UCI modem is no longer on the supported list. However the page for it is still up. Probably a moot issue since you can't seem to buy it anywhere yet. The second thing I noticed was the new ARRIS / Surfboard G54. Seems it is a quad radio router with Wifi 7. Listed as "coming soon". Anyone else excited for Wi-Fi 7? Not that I would ever touch a gateway, but still, the technology is interesting.

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    Not excited for 7, or even really for 6. No meaningful benefit I can see at the present time.

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      If you have older devices, there isn't a whole lot of benefit but Wi-Fi 6 can still help in heavily congested areas. Wi-Fi 6E goes even further by using a entirely new band(6Ghz) which almost no one is using. However it's mainly for LOS applications. I am not sure what Wi-Fi 7(be) adds but I will be going down that rabbit hole when I upgrade. I am waiting 6 months AFTER Wi-Fi 7 is finalized which could be as late as 2024.That way all the firmware bugs are worked out.

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        I am not sure what Wi-Fi 7(be

        WiFi 7 supports 320 MHz widths…double of WiFi 6.  It's 802.11be.