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5 years ago

firmware issues SB8200

I'll preface this post by saying I'm a CCIE in R&S...

I have gigablast....for the last month i've been getting 300-350mbps download speeds.  Tier 1 said it was caused by my modem.  I gave them the benefit of the doubt and bought a new SB8200.

Provisioned the new modem and had my normal speeds for about 5 minutes (1.3gbps down 50mbps up).  After 5 minutes my modem reset and found AB01.01.009.27_081619_183.0A.NSH was loaded.  Back down to 300-350mbps.

This firmware was pushed on both my hardware revision 4 and 6 sb8200.

Tier 2 closed the ticket saying updated firmwares are deployed when received.  I have opened a tier 3 case with Arris.

Who can I get in contact with on the Docsis team in ATL NOC to looks at this? to cox, and using

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    I have an 8200 also and just started on Gig. I am getting the same speeds, 340/35. When I had cox set up the house about two years ago they did a line test and it was 950mbps so it’s there. This is going thru a NetGear R6400 nighthawk