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Finally, A Successful Transition to Yahoo

Though the process was fraught and annoying, among other things, I've finally succeeded in completing the transition to Yahoo email and have decided to join this community for the express purpose of sounding words of encouragement and hopefully helpful assistance. If, like me, you're not basically an IT type, my words of wisdom are, succeeding with the transition will for most customers demand getting on the phone with the Yahoo transition folks to be walked through the key steps in person. For me, it proved decisive. 

I want to begin by stressing that this post covers both Apple and Windows devices. I transitioned both to Apple Mail on my 14" 2021 Series 1 (Pro, not Max) MacBook Pro, of which I'm a giant fan. And to Outlook on a 2021 Dell XPS 17 9700. Both installations are now truly optimal and even optimal as to my significant archive. It took a great deal of work and determination but success was achieved.  

Not until I secured a sort of whitepaper on the transition process from the Yahoo website under the Cox title did everything end up going swimmingly. I actually didn't know that I had successfully configured my Apple email client for the transition until I gave the programming 24 hours to catch up but it eventually did and did optimally. Boy was this a superb surprise. So. Be patient, in addition to determined. Do your thing, go to bed, and check everything in the morning, see if it ended up working, all the effort. Plus, though, and this was really critical, I spent quite a bit of time working with a Yahoo transition support person; only they know all the secrets to getting this done optimally, I learned. For instance, you're wasting your time until you get the crucial password for the process. In short, get help on the phone from Yahoo transition to vet and optimize your methodology. 

Once I did this, I could turn my attention to my XPS and Outlook. Having, at this point, the password, it proved easy and fast. It was as if Outlook took over the process for you quickly and got er done. It was a very pleasant surprise to see Outlook in a sense say, we got this. But to repeat, if you don't have the crucial password for the transition process, you may be wasting your time. 

In summary, first, print, read, get, the instructions from Yahoo's website. Under the Cox banner. Second, get a support tech on the phone, explain the situation, ask for all the help you can get, not forgetting the critical matter of the password for the transition process. Good luck! If I can do this, anyone can. Be patient but dogged. Don't be bashful about getting written and oral assistance from Yahoo. Also, Cox has the toll free number for Yahoo transition, ask for it. It's free. Support from Yahoo typically costs money.   






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