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5 years ago

FCC rule on no disconnect

I paid my bill when it was due and after I paid it Cox sends me a message stating they disabled my service and to call Cox which I did. Now they saying I have to wait for Monday.  Their reason is I used a credit card which I didn't. I used a debit card so they will get the money right away.  I also don't have hotspot. What happened to the promise they made to the FCC not to *** no o e service for 90 days which isn't up til June 12th. I will be reported to the FCC. Now how do I get hotspot. I have MS and is bound in the house during this Pandemic

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  • Hi Blessedbeauty,

    Thanks for reaching out to us through Cox Forums! So that we can address your specific account question, we'll need to take the conversation offline. Please email my team at with this post, your full name, and your complete address.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator