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4 years ago

Export Cox Email Folders

You can export email folders to .mbox format which is readable by most email programs. I am using Mac OSX mail. I am leaving Cox and needed to export most of my email that is currently on the server. From within my Mac OSX email program, here is how I did it. Go to the Cox mail folder you want to export and Control-click it and select Export Mailbox and choose a destination folder on your computer. It will create a folder with your destination folder with "foldername.mbox". Within the folder will be an mbox folder (data) and table of contents file. If it is a large folder wait until the "partial" designation is removed from the mbox data file name. 

To move the files to a location on your computer with Mac OSX email (I expect most email programs that can read .mbox format.) do an import of the mbox entire folder created. Then on Mac OSX Mail go to "File-Import Mailboxes" and choose .mbox format. It will then ask to select the mbox folder. It will create a folder named "Import" and within will be a folder named mbox. You should then rename the folder and move it where you want within your mail program. Note that OSX Mail automatically saves the files to the local (on your Mac) copy of email. Each .mbox folder imported from the server will give it the mbox name and you will need to manually move and rename them as you import other folders.

Hope this helps.

I also discovered that you can drag the contents of a Cox Server Folder (select all) directly to another email server within OSX mail directly to a destination folder. I tried this to export to my gmail account and it worked, but slow and it DELETES what you drag off the Cox server. Since I am leaving Cox, removing the data would not be an issue. 


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    i use ms outlook, no problem moving complete pst file to a new pc/mac.

    i do this to have mirror email on several pc/laptops.