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5 years ago

Essential service - internet new construction

Desperatly need help for new construction internet installation for essential services. Cox refuses help and offers no solutions, simply claiming their technician must go into our condo to make the connection but that given pandemic Cox technicians are not allowed into any home.  We respect that no indoor policy, but Cox offers no solutions or Plan B even though my wife is required to provide essential service - teaching remotely during pandemic - to keep her job.

Cox box for 3 condo units in building is right outside our door. Our electrical service on inside of that wall where exterior box is located.  Other two condo unit's Cox ports inside the box have coax cables attached, but our port has no coax cable.  Couldn't Cox technician have simply put heads on each end of a 10' coax cable, attached one end of cable to our port inside the outdoor box and then fed the other headed end into our condo using the PVC pipe chase leading into our condo? The condo unit is pre-wired.   Then I could complete the installation indoors without needing a Cox technician?  All help appreciated ASAP.   Extremely frustrating that after 5 hours on the phone with several different Cox people, Cox offered no possible solution during a pandemic.  They said they could schedule a service technician in July - 3 months from now.  Time for self-help Plan B.   Thank you. 

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