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Emails marked as --SPAM-- with all spam filtering turned off

I have the same problem that Tiffany reported in tremendous detail at this site a while back on this topic.  I have all my spam filtering turned off, but mail from my church's email domain keeps getting marked as "--SPAM--".  It comes to my inbox, but I'm unable to reply to these emails from legitimate senders as Cox's email server returns the email reply with the message "Invalid recipient" and sometimes (but not always) includes the name of the person from our church's email domain that I'm trying to reply to.  If I create a NEW email message and send it to these same email addresses it will usually (but not always) go through without issue.  What is going on here?  I tried everything that poor Tiffany had tried and nothing seems to work.  Cox appears to be filtering these messages with their own rules and I as the customer have no way to edit their list of email domains that should not be marked as spam coming to my inbox.  I spent an hour on the phone with Cox tech support and was told nothing of the issues Tiffany reported, only that I should check with our church's email administrator to see if the recipients mailboxes were full (they're not).  Anyone have any ideas?  This is nuts!

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    If you're trying to reply and the recipient is coming back invalid that would explain why the messages are being marked as spam. I'd suggest checking with the sender's mail administrator to make sure everything is correct with the reply to and from address they are sending their emails from.

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      Yes, I have already checked with the church's email administrator (I'm the church treasurer) and there is nothing on the recipient's side that is working incorrectly.  Other church members receive and reply to messages from the same senders with no issues.  I can send a brand new email to the sender and it goes through just fine, but if I try to reply to an email from them it gets the "invalid recipient" error message.   Their emails to me are marked as "--SPAM--" when they arrive in my inbox.  

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        Hello, here is some additional information about our Spam policy, as well as spam settings and blocked senders:

        In reference to the "Invalid Recipient" message, are you clicking on "Reply All?" In other words, are multiple recipients listed on the email in question (from your Church)? If this is the case, then it's possible that one or more of the email recipients listed in the email distribution has an email address that is no longer valid. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator