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2 months ago

Email transition to Yahoo

I have tried to use Outlook and the POP and SMTP are and, respectively.  I have used the appropriate SSL/TLS settings, user name, and password.  I know that I have the correct password as I have logged into the URL several times. I have literally done this 100's of times over my 30+ years in IT.  Each time I try to complete the setup and login I get an error about the settings.  I called Yahoo and was waiting on the phone for 30 minutes and 15 seconds with NO reply.  I called Cox and was told that if I don't buy customer care that I need to call Yahoo.  I currently spend in excess of $3,200 per year and since this last "upgrade", have not had any consistent service from Cox.  I've had my coax replaced, my splitter, the coax connections, and have had the interior and exterior tested for connectivity.  Still having pixelation on the TV and Internet outages.  I have my 3rd appointment setup for tomorrow.  Why am I paying over $3,000 per year for essentially NOTHING for the past week and 1/2?  

Has anyone had similar issues with the transition to Yahoo mail and the Outlook POP/SMTP settings?  Thank you.

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    Yes I had same issues with ThunderBird. I found I had to select OAuth2 as authentication instead of Normal in both POP and SMTP. Also had to make sure my original Cox account # like was entered everywhere account or user name was required including in SMTP Server setup box (on ThunderBird).